Medical Waste Management

medical waste management
At one point, it happens to all of us. We get bored of twiddling our thumbs waiting for our doctor so we look around the room hoping to find something of interest. Our eyes stop on a red box hanging on the wall. We try to decipher what the box is when suddenly the angle of lighting outlines the contents inside. Our eyes widen in horror to see the silhouettes of hundreds of sharp needles nesting within. Although the image mirrors a scene from one of the Saw movies, the reality is that the little box of terrors is none other than a medical waste management procedure.

Bloodborne Pathogen Certification

bloodborne pathogen certification
Understanding the information presented is one thing, but being able to apply and identify areas of the extensive matter is quite another. This is why certification is the final step in bloodborne pathogen training. Once the individual undergoes the entire training process and understands the bloodborne pathogen compliance procedures, the individual can administer the information to accept the title of “bloodborne pathogen certified.”